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About Street Legal Golf Carts at Navarre Beach

We rent golf carts in multiple locations across the northwest Florida Panhandle including Navarre Beach and surrounding areas. Our business is family-owned with the lowest rental prices and the best customer service in town.

We are located at 316 S. County Hwy. 83, Red Snapper, Suites E-G, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459. Stop by and rent a golf cart from our friendly staff today or reserve one online.

Information on Renting a Golf Cart

We'll Deliver and Pickup

One of our delivery drivers will meet you at your location to deliver your golf cart rental. While there, we will perform a final safety check and provide a quick lesson on how to drive the golf cart and where you can drive.

As a final touch, we'll give you recommendations on the local hotspots and hidden treasures around Navarre Beach.

4, 6, and 8 Passenger Carts

We have a wide variety of carts to fit any family size. Our golf carts are DOT certified and registered with the state of FL. We also meet all safety requirements including seatbelts, windshields, wipers, lights, and horns. We can provide car seats upon requests!

Renting a Golf Cart at Navarre Beach

There are different rental packages that you can choose from:

4 Seat Premium Electric

6 Seat Premium Electric

8 Seat Premium Electric

Frequently Asked Questions

Golf carts cannot be driven on Navarre Beach. This is due to a legal restriction on the driving of golf carts in open public spaces and public roads. However, there are designated roads or areas that approve the use of golf carts, and you can freely drive your golf cart in those areas.

The official Navarre Beach rules are listed below. I would also recommend not using the causeway up to the bridge.

Sec. 21-5. - Use of golf carts on county roads and streets.
(1) The term "golf cart" shall be defined as stated in F.S. § 320.01.
(2) Golf carts may be operated on county roads on Navarre Beach, excluding the Navarre Bridge, in accordance with F.S. § 316.212. Golf carts may be operated on additional county roads as designated by future resolution of the board.
(3) Violations of this section shall constitute a non-criminal infraction enforceable pursuant to the provisions of F.S. § 316.212(8). The use of a golf cart resulting in violations of the Florida "Uniform Traffic Control" statute and the Florida "Uniform Disposition of Traffic Infractions Act" are enforceable according to F.S. chs. 316 and 318.
(4) The county public works department shall post signs along roads and streets where golf cart operation is allowed to indicate that such operation is allowed.

To learn more about Street Legal Golf Carts and our golf car services and options. visit our website at or call us at (850) 737-1046.

You can also walk into our office address at:

316 S. County Highway 83
Building G, Suite E
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459