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The Most Premium Carts Available for Rent

At Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals, we offer the most premium golf carts in the Navarre Beach area. Each of our carts is equipped with large lithium batteries capable of covering 30 miles on a single charge. This not only allows you to traverse greater distances but also recharges in nearly half the time it takes typical lead-acid powered electric golf carts.

Enhancing the ride, our golf carts come with a $1,000 4-Speaker Bluetooth Audio system. You can enjoy your favorite tunes while cruising down Gulf Blvd.But what sets us apart is that we ONLY rent street-legal golf carts. While most rental companies in Navarre Beach offer standard golf carts, our street-legal/low-speed vehicles provide you with the liberty to explore more of the Navarre Beach area.

Explore further and discover more with Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals!

What to Know Before You Rent

Golf Carts vs. Street Legal Golf Carts​

While a traditional Golf Cart is designed primarily for golf courses, featuring a restricted top speed and minimal safety features, it is generally not authorized for use on public roads in Florida. However, in Navarre Beach, these golf carts are allowed to traverse Gulf Blvd exclusively. 

On the other hand, a Street Legal Golf Cart, also recognized as a Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV), is a specially modified variant of a standard golf cart. These vehicles are designed to meet certain safety and equipment criteria to be legally driven on public roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or below. These enhanced features include headlights, taillights, turn signals, mirrors, seatbelts, and more, making them apt for on-road use.

At Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals, we ensure that every cart we rent out is fully Street Legal. In Navarre Beach, our Street Legal Golf Carts grant you the freedom to drive both on the public Beachfront Road and over the Navarre Bridge, reaching as far as the local Burger King and Winn-Dixie.

You can drive a Golf Cart exclusively on Gulf Blvd (Beachfront front road in Navarre) and the side streets/communities. 

With a Street Legal Golf Cart you can drive on Gulf Blvd and the side streets and communities, and you can also drive across the Navarre Beach Causeway and go to Winn-DixieBurger King, and Surf Star Souvenir Store as long as you stay off of Navarre Parkway. To get to these shops you will have to use backroads like Alhambra St, Granada St, Esplanade St, and Pullam St. You can cross Navarre Parkway at lights with a Street Legal Golf Cart, but you cannot drive on Navarre Parkway!

Our Navarre Beach Golf Cart Rentals


4 Passenger

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3/1/24 – 5/20/24


5/21/24 – 9/1/24


6 Passenger

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3/1/24 – 5/20/24


5/21/24 – 9/1/24


8 Passenger

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3/1/24 – 5/20/24


5/21/24 – 9/1/24


Things You Can do with a Golf Cart in Navarre Beach

Picture of one of our Premium Golf Cart Rentals in front of Broussard's Bayou Grill in Navarre Beach

Go Eat

When you rent a golf cart for your vacation in Navarre Beach, your rides to the many delightful restaurants in the area become even more exciting. This includes popular spots like Andy D’s and Juana’s Pagodas. However, if you choose to rent a Street Legal Golf Cart, your dining options expand even further, allowing you to explore eateries such as Shark Bite Navarre and El Paso Tacos & Tequila.

Visit Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center

With either a Golf Cart or a Street Legal Golf Cart you have the option to explore and learn all about the native species of the Emerald Coast at the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center. Plus when you are done you can head right down the road to the Navarre Beach Marine Park!

A picture of the parking sign for the Sea Turtle Conservation Center in Navarre Beach

Go to the Beach

Naturally, the most popular activity while vacationing in Navarre Beach is spending time on the beach itself. With Street Legal Golf Cart, you can conveniently load up your friends, family, and beach gear for an unforgettable day on Florida’s stunning Gulf Coast.

Navarre Beach Premium 8 Passenger Golf Cart Rentals
Navarre Beach Golf Cart Rentals Delivers and Pickups
8 Passenger Coral Street Legal Golf Cart Rental Navarre Beach

Service Areas

All condos and neighborhoods we service in Navarre Beach.


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5 Reasons

To Rent A Golf Cart With Us

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Parking Is A Breeze

Hop on a golf cart and find parking with no hassle. This allows you the ease of walking to the beach, the grocery store, or a restaurant without the struggle of lugging your stuff by hand or fighting in the parking lot for space.


Your golf cart rental can be delivered and picked up at the doorstep of your rental property, making it a completely convenient way to get around.

Longer Runtime!

All electric carts have lithium batteries, with give 40% longer run time!

Premium Carts!

Fully customized, premium seats, premium wheels and tires!

Top-Notch Customer Service!

We have the best customer service!

We Deliver And Pickup

One of our friendly delivery drivers will meet you at your location to deliver your cart. And we will unload it give it a safety check and provide you with a quick lesson on how to drive the cart and where you can go. We can also provide you with recommendations on some of the local hotspots and hidden treasures of Navarre Beach. Please note due to staffing shortages all Navarre Beach Rentals are a 7 Day Minimum and can only be booked Saturday to Saturday. 
Example: Delivery: Sat 8/5 4 PM – Pickup: Sat 8/12 9 AM 

Navarre Beach Golf Cart Rentals Delivers and Pickups

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How old do I have to be to rent a Street Legal Golf Cart?

To rent a Street Legal Golf Cart from Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals you have to be at least 21 years old with a valid drivers license.

Can I drive a Golf Cart on the Sidewalk or Beach?

No! In Navarre Beach Golf Carts and Street Legal Golf Carts are allowed only on the main road (Gulf Blvd) and the side communities and streets. They are not allowed on Bike Paths, Sidewalks, Utility Paths, and especially not on the beach. Not only will you get a ticket, but you will destroy the vehicle and be responsible for all damages caused.

The renter has to be over 21 but can anyone drive a Street Legal Golf Cart?

No, because we work with insurance companies and they hold us to certain standards, all drivers of our Golf Carts have to be at least 21 with a valid driver’s license. If we catch anyone under the age of 21 driving our carts we will confiscate the vehicle, terminate the rental, and there will be NO REFUNDS!

Does my child need to sit in a car seat?

Yes, if your child sits in a car seat in your regular everyday vehicle, the same rules apply to Golf Carts/LSVs. However, if your child is in a booster seat, you do not have to put them in a booster seat on a Golf Cart as most booster seat manufacturers advise against the use of lap belts with their product.

What do I need to rent a Street Legal Golf Cart?

To rent a Street Legal Golf Cart you of course need to be at least 21 years old with a valid driver’s license, but you will also need to provide your Proof of Car Insurance and a Credit or Debit Card.

When will my Golf Cart be delivered?

At Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals we promise that your Golf Cart Rental will be delivered by 4 PM on the scheduled day of delivery.

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