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Established in 2016, Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals is a family-owned golf cart rental business. Our foundation? Exceptional customer service and premium golf cart offerings. Every cart we rent in Navarre Beach is 100% street-legal, comes with, lithium 105mAh batteries that boast a 30 mile range, and 4 speaker DS-18 Bluetooth audio system. Book now and experience the premium difference with us!


What We Stand For

The Best Carts

Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals pride ourselves on only the newest, most premium golf carts. All of our golf carts for rent are 2023 models and boast lithium batteries with a 30 mile driving range, and a 4 speaker bluetooth audio system.

Honest Marketing

Along with our premium carts and customer service, our honest marketing is what truly makes us different. We do our best to not hide information from our customers. We build our websites with the intention of providing as much information about golf carts, the rental process and the local rules so you don't have to spend hours searching.

The Best Customer Service

We have built our business around our premium customer service. We pride ourselves on being one of the only golf cart rental companies on the Emerald Coast that you can reach after hours.

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