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Luxury Vivid EV Golf Cart for Rent Navarre Beach Golf Cart Rentals

Brand new 2023 Vivid EV 6 Passenger Lithium Electric Golf Cart for rent. This cart has a 30 mile driving range and a Bluetooth audio system. 

What To Do With a Street Legal Golf Cart If You Are Staying In The Sunset Harbour Villas

Visit the Beach: The Sunset Harbour Villas are right across the street from public access #37A in Navarre Beach.

Go Eat: Go grab breakfast at Windjammers on the Pier, dinner at Andy D’s, and a midnight snack at the Tom Thumb

See the Turtles: Visit the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center.

Sunset Harbour Villas Parking Rules and Regulations

  1. Maximum of two parking spaces per unit for specific vehicle types.
  2. Recreational vehicles must be parked in designated areas and registered.
  3. Large vehicles that require more than one space are not allowed.
  4. No parking in the “Vehicle/Boat Wash Only” space.
  5. All vehicles must have current tags. No abandoned vehicles.
  6. Violations may result in towing at the owner’s expense.

Navarre Beach - Beach Access Points

Find all the Public Beach Access points with parking in Navarre Beach.

Navarre Beach - Access Points With Public Parking

Navarre Beach - Restaurants

Find all the restaurants in Navarre Beach that are accessible by Street Legal Golf Cart.

Navarre Beach - Restaurants With Golf Cart Parking

Navarre Beach - Shops

Find all the shops in Navarre Beach that are accessible by Street Legal Golf Cart. 

Navarre Beach - Shops With Golf Cart Parking

Navarre Beach - Hidden Gems

Discover the hidden gems of Navarre Beach that you can access with a Street Legal Golf Cart. 

Navarre Beach - Hidden Gems With Golf Cart Parking

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We only have a handful of carts available for Navarre Beach rentals. Don’t miss your chance to enhance your Navarre Beach vacation. Book your Premium Street Legal Golf Cart Rental Today. 

Picture of one of our most premium Golf Carts we have for rent in Navarre Beach